Census 2020

Census - rosie we can do it DVC.png

Our 2020 Census Campaign focused on communicating the importance of filling out the census, and how it helps us all. 

So why is it important fill out the census? 

Census data is used to allocate $600 billion in federal funds each year; determine where roads, bridges, and schools will be built; and decide how many federal, state, and local government representatives your community should have. Nonprofits also rely on census data to help them get funding to serve your community. 

Not filling out the census means your community misses out on its fair share!
You can rest easy knowing that information given on the census form is confidential. By law, census information is not shared with any other government agency. Census workers take an oath to protect the privacy of respondents and face jail time and/or heavy fines if they violate that oath.

Thank you for serving your community by filling out the 2020 census!