Driftless Voter Coalition

The Driftless Voter Coalition is a non-partisan coalition dedicated to educating, motivating, and mobilizing voters to the polls. We work to increase civic engagement by organizing voter registration efforts, Get-Out-The-Vote actions, and voter education events. We work in the beautiful Driftless Area of Western Wisconsin, based in La Crosse. 

We came together in 2018 in response to a growing need among non-partisan organizations in the La Crosse area to coordinate our Get-Out-The-Vote efforts. We have many diverse member organizations, but we all share a goal: getting as many of our neighbors as possible to the polls!

Below is a list of the organizations that are members of the Driftless Voter Coalition: 

League of Women Voters of La Crosse Area

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of La Crosse

La Crosse Neighborhood Associations

La Crosse United To Amend

YWCA La Crosse

Cia Siab

La Crosse Interfaith Shoulder to Shoulder Network

Wisconsin Conservation Voters

Campus Election Engagement Project UWL

Disability Action Network

Our Work

Take a look at some of our campaigns and efforts in the 

Driftless Area. 


Everyone Vote! Campaign

Our signature campaign has reached thousands in the Driftless Area. We want everyone to say, "I'm a Voter!"

Census 2020: 

Uncle Sam Wants YOU!

Our work is not limited to elections - we know how important the census is for democracy, too! Find out why... 

High School Voter Education

We've made the rounds in La Crosse County High Schools to shed light on the voting process for high school students. 

Voter Registration Drives

Fairs and picnics and concerts, oh my! There are few places we WON'T go to get voters registered. 

Voter Registration Training

When it comes to voter registration, we 'train the trainers' - do you have a group who can help others register to vote? 

WI Voter

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled some great info from reputable sources to answer all your voting questions in one place.