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Driftless Voter Coalition

The Driftless Voter Coalition is a non-partisan coalition dedicated to mobilizing voters to the polls in Western Wisconsin's beautiful Driftless Area. 

Find out why voting is important, get info on upcoming elections, and get your voting questions answered here. 


Fall 2020 General Election: 


NOVEMBER 3rd 2020

Everyone Vote!

Check out this video from our Everyone Vote! campaign. Listen to voices from our community say, in their own words, why voting is so vitally important for each of us individually and for our communities! 


Does my vote really matter? 

In a word, YES! 

But don't take our word for it... check out this BuzzFeed video. 


Why is voting so complicated? 

We get a lot of questions about why the voting process in America seems to be so complicated. Check out this video for some great background on why our elections run the way they do. 


Everyone STUDENT Vote!

Students are the future of our nation - and we encourage all students to to vote! 


Let's Talk VOTING! 

We sat down with local activist Denise Christy talk about the first time she voted and why voting is important to her. This is part of our video series with local community members to discuss the importance of voting.